Why FXOne

FXOne Financial Advisors (Pty) Ltd provides a transparent, personalised financial solution to individuals and small to medium enterprises.

Authorised by the Financial Services Board as a licensed financial service provider (FSP 40215).

Established in 2009, FXOne Financial Advisors (Pty) Ltd assists individuals and enterprises in an advisory and intermediary capacity. This assistance covers numerous markets including foreign exchange, money market, bonds and derivative instruments.

We have strong business relationships with both local and international banks and build personal relationships, through transparency, with our clients.

We analyse business and private requirements and provide competitive pricing, advice and easy to understand solutions that will minimise risk.

FXOne receives and passes on the benefit of preferential rates to our clients through transparent margins and therefore eliminates traditional commission structures.

Collectively, FXOne boasts over 40 years of experience in the financial markets.

FXOne are authorised by the Financial Services Board as a licenced service provider. We utilise deal recording, a detailed confirmation process and rigid back office procedure to ensure that trades are booked and settled according to the requirements of the clients and market standards.