In addition to better exchange rates and the secure transfer of capital FXOne will assist with :

  • offshore investments
  • offshore property transactions
  • emigration planning
  • money market deposits
  • once off, foreign investment, individual allowances.

The once off allowance is available to persons older than 18 years of age. Contact FXOne to discuss allowance amounts.

FXOne facilitates small or large transactions, as a once off or regular transfer, with both incoming and outgoing funds. Our exchange control advice ensures a simple and secure transaction, which will make your capital go further.

The servicing bank, in consultation with FXOne, will conclude all approvals and liaisons with the South African Reserve Bank.

Telegraphic Transfers

FXOne can assist with telegraphic transfers should you need to transfer money into an international account. These are secure transactions and can be paid into any account, anywhere in the world. A telegraphic transfer is an electronically transmitted payment. Both parties can track payments. Telegraphic transfers are standard international practise, regarded as the most secure method of payment and are widely used by individuals, importers and exporters


Drafts may be used for the payment of funds to identified creditors or suppliers. These will be drawn up in the name of such client and delivered to the ordering customer.

Money Market Deposits

FXOne will ensure that you receive better interest rates for bulk rand deposits.

Chat with us online to compare deposit rates