Travel Allowance

FXOne will advise you on your annual travel allowance.

Foreign Exchange

Cash will be purchased from the licensed foreign exchange dealers on behalf of the client. All major currencies are available.


Drafts may be used for the payment of funds to identified creditors or suppliers. These will be drawn up in the name of such client and delivered to the ordering customer.

Currency Card

Travel foreign exchange is made easy and safe with cash cards. World Currency Cards are pre-paid travel cards that give you access to your funds in the local currency of your travel destination. The risk of carrying cash is eliminated and withdrawals are not restricted to banking hours. The card is preloaded with your travel spending money so you determine your spending limit, however they can be reloaded at any time. Lost cards can be cancelled and replaced. The exchange rate is fixed at the time the currency is loaded to combat exchange rate fluctuations.

Telegraphic Transfers

A telegraphic transfer is an electronically transmitted payment. Both parties can track payments. Telegraphic transfers are standard international practise regarded as the most secure method of payment and are widely used by individuals, importers and exporters.

Company Travel

All products mentioned above may be utilised for company travel. We will assist your company in the application for an omnibus travel allowance.