Foreign exchange

FXOne offers complete foreign exchange solutions including competitive exchange rates, secure transfers and offshore payments.

We provide better rates through preferential pricing, which ensures you save on every transaction be it imports, exports, offshore payments or overseas travel. We also assist with SARB approvals and exchange control advice.

FXOne will assist importers or exporters in understanding which currencies and economic elements they are exposed to, their risk profile and factors that could influence the market. FXOne can tailor foreign exchange solutions for your business, which will save you time and money when calculating margins. Opinions on currency movements will also be offered.

FXOne provides a more efficient and hassle-free dealing process. We will provide you with morning reports, technical information and monitor orders on your behalf while you concentrate on your core business. We have a complete understanding and knowledge of diverse products that can be used in different economic conditions. We will develop a long-term foreign exchange hedging strategy that will assist in protecting your profits and operating margins in uncertain economic climates.

Bulk Rand Deposits

FXOne will ensure that you receive better interest rates for bulk rand deposits.

Chat with us online to compare deposit rates

Letters of credit

These can be arranged and facilitated by the servicing bank. We will meet to discuss your requirement and then liaise with the Bank for the issuing and presentation of the letter of credit.