Frequently Asked

How does FXOne add value to my company?

FXOne will provide your company with competitive foreign exchange pricing. This pricing will protect your margins. Our vast experience also offers management of foreign exchange exposures over extended periods of time.

How can FXOne protect my margins?

FXOne not only assists in provision for competitive prices on foreign exchange but also assists in hedging against currency risk. Furthermore, FXOne provides advice on different instruments used in hedging.

Does FXOne make prices or settle the foreign exchange transaction?

No, FXOne acts in an advisory and intermediary capacity only, licensed foreign exchange dealers carry out the settlement of the transactions.

What currencies can FXOne assist in achieving competitive prices?

Most international currencies.

Can we trade foreign exchange through FXOne?

FXOne can advise on where the trading of currencies can be accommodated, through the use of futures contracts.

Can you improve foreign exchange pricing for importers/ exporters?

Yes, improvement of prices can be provided to importers and exporters.

What documentation is required for the opening of an account?

FXOne will advise on all statutory documentation required. This will also depend on the legal entity applying i.e. (Pty) Ltd, CC or an individual.

How long does it take to open a foreign exchange facility?

Once we have all the required documentation, it should take approximately a week for the full approval of the facility.